Friday, August 10, 2007

That's Gotta Hurt...

How can you tell when your presidential campaign is tanking? Well, it might be a hint if your support has dropped so much that voters in your own party are four times as likely to vote for a candidate from another party than for you.

In a poll just released by the University of Iowa, Barack Obama gets almost four times as much support from Republican voters in Iowa as John McCain does, 6.7% to 1.8%. McCain's support was 14.4% in March.


Turns out that among Iowa Republican voters Obama beats every Republican except Romney (21.8%) and Guliani (10%). Not bad for a Dem!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Howard Dean at the 2007 YearlyKos Convention!

DNC Chair Howard Dean gave a great keynote address at the 2007 YearlyKos convention! Reminded me why I supported him for president four years ago. You can hear Dean using the player below (click twice if using IE), or download a high-quality (8 MB) mp3 by right-clicking on this link and saving. The speech is about half an hour long, but it's well worth the time.

You can also watch Dean's speech here, but it was streamed live and the video quality is pretty bad, more like a web cam than a regular TV feed. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything better.

Feel free to repost the mp3 or use it on your own site, but I'd appreciate credit and a link back to my blog. Thanks!