Friday, August 29, 2008

The Palin Formula

McCain's logic:
"Let's see, my veep has to help fire up my base and pick up Democratic votes. Obama won the Democratic primary because he's young and pretty, and Hillary almost won because, well, she has boobs.

So Democrats will vote for me if I pick a young (hell, everybody is young compared to me), good looking women, but she has to be really conservative to keep the religious nuts happy.

Maybe Palin? No experience, but if she has to take over I sure as hell won't be around to worry about it...

Gotta give her a call ASAP.

Damn cell phone, how do I turn it on?"

Trophy Wife, Trophy Veep

John McCain sure seems to have a thing for ex beauty queens...

Monday, August 25, 2008


(Boats on the River Corrib near Galway Bay. Click for larger image)

I haven't been doing much political stuff lately because I'm in Ireland. Right now we're in Galway on the west coast. Beautiful area! The locals tell me that this has been the wettest summer in Ireland's history, but that doesn't seem to slow the Irish down. Check out the guys below who were out swimming yesterday even though it was sixty degrees, raining, and blowing so hard that the raindrops hurt. I know the picture could be better, but even for a photographer the conditions were rather tough...

(The diving platform, Galway/Salthill. Click for larger image)

Bartoshevich Bites Back -or- Spite Makes Right!

Debra Bartoshevich is the Clinton delegate from Waterford who was (rightfully) stripped of her credentials for saying she would vote for McCain. Now Bartoshevich is starring in the new McCain ad below.

I understand Bartoshevich's pain and frustration, but not her willingness to try to extract revenge by selling out both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic values that Bartoshevich claims she believes in. I suspect that this is an act that Debra Bartoshevich will look back on with well deserved shame.