Monday, August 25, 2008

Bartoshevich Bites Back -or- Spite Makes Right!

Debra Bartoshevich is the Clinton delegate from Waterford who was (rightfully) stripped of her credentials for saying she would vote for McCain. Now Bartoshevich is starring in the new McCain ad below.

I understand Bartoshevich's pain and frustration, but not her willingness to try to extract revenge by selling out both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic values that Bartoshevich claims she believes in. I suspect that this is an act that Debra Bartoshevich will look back on with well deserved shame.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you got to kill the beast to save it.

Russell Wallace said...

That's called the Ben Tre principle.

In 1968 the US Army captured the Vietnamese town of Ben Tre using artillery and air strikes. When questioned about the rather extreme level of force that was used, an American Army officer said "It became necessary to destroy Ben Tre to save it."

Proletariat, I have no doubt that all the inhabitants of Ben Tre would share your philosophy, had they actually survived the implementation of it.

Anonymous said...

Well destroying it would be plenty enough.

Sounds like the One is getting worried that if a floor vote is taken, he'd lose the nomination.

I find it totally frickin Hilarious that what "liberalism" for the last 8 years has stood for has been annihilated.

Obama votes for Cheney Energy Bill.

Biden Votes for Banruptsy Bill.

Obama votes for FISA.

Biden votes for Iraq War.

Biden votes for Patriot Act.

Biden and Obama votes for Patriot Act 2.

The DNC is using the Patriot Act to control the protesters. Just because they are called prison cages does not make them good.

sylvester987 said...

it's pretty to do this.
One can have this kind of things when floor vote is considered.
The DNC is using the Patriot Act to control the protesters.
Obama voted to pass S2271, the USA PATRIOT Act.



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Russell Wallace said...

Yup, Democrats came out of the convention divided and dispirited, just like you predicted, Proletariat. Those damn PUMAs stole the show, and Hillary's supporters are just flooding to McCain!

You know, if you stuck to issues and ideology, rather than pretending to understand the Democratic party, you'd be a bit more credible. I actually agree with you on most things, but you make such an ass out of yourself with all your Obama bashing that it's really hard to take you seriously.