Saturday, August 09, 2008


So I was watching the Olympics opening ceremony with my family last night, and on comes the McCain ad you see below. An attack ad! On the first night of the Olympics!

I used to have some respect for McCain, but he's turned into a real piece of crap. Seems the only thing he learned from the vicious smears about his adopted daughter in the 2000 campaign was to hire the guys who did them this time around.

John McCain: Proving that if you're old enough, integrity is just another word you can't remember.


Anonymous said...


What makes this ad negative. It seems to me its more issue focused than most. Much better than lets say Obama attacking McCain for a bill McCain never voted for, yet Obama did.

Or lets say Richardsson stating McCain received 200 million from oil interests when in fact it was 2. This of course does not even begin to deal with the contradiction of oil money Obama has received from his oil bundlers.

I welcome Obama taking McCain to task, but have enough respect for my intelligence that you don't attack him for stealing a cookie while your hand is in the cookie jar.

Russell Wallace said...

What makes the ad negative? Oh, I don't know, perhaps the fact that the entire first part is an attack on Obama?

Come on, Proletariat, don't play stupid. You're better than that.

Anonymous said...

A well deserved one I'd say. Hey, he thinks he should have his own presidential seal and now this.

Obama's audacity knows no bounds. You notice all the WI Dems are saying "if" instead of "when" after Hillary's speech last night. Maybe the Dems will have better luck in 2012.