Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jessica McBride Likes Me!!!

This is a little weird.

Jessica McBride, the wicked witch of the Midwest, wrote a rather complimentary piece about my analysis of the AG race. Of course she used it as a chance to take some cheap shots at Kathleen Falk. And to give props to her husband, Republican primary AG candidate Paul Bucher. But overall it was ... pretty nice!

I guess I'm just not being mean enough to Republicans. I promise I'll try harder!

Seriously, although I'm about as partisan as they come, the whole point of the analysis I do is to find the truth, and the truth doesn't take sides.

My goal is to understand why we win or lose so that we can do a better job in future elections. I also want to get this information out to the progressive base because the better informed we are the more powerful we become. And I want to dispel some of the unjustifiable opinions that are floating around, because they tend to lead us into intellectual dead ends that damage the progressive movement.

And finally, I hope that this my work will put some pressure on the MSM to do a better job of election analysis down the road. Because the job they're doing now, as a general rule, sucks.


Jay Bullock said...

the truth doesn't take sides.

Well, now you've lost her. :)

jody said...

Listen Guy, I just got an e-mail this afternoon asking me "do you know this Reform Dem person, look at this impressive post, holy shit" etc.

You wrote a kick-ass post, everyone thinks that. Do not go all soft because a The She-Devil sees some advantage in publicly acknowledging it.

Tomorrow she might even admit the sky is blue. Grudgingly no doubt, but some shit you can't argue with. Trust me on this one - I live in a damn cave - if I hear something then it's definitely made the rounds.

And furthermore, if you are just a Joe Blogger, if you think for yourself and are not enthralled to a group of some type, then I suggest someone clone your ass in a big hurry because those are the kind of bloggers we need. K?

Russell Wallace said...

Thanks! Don't worry, I won't go soft. Not my style.