Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First '08 Presidential Straw Poll of Wisconsin Progressives!

OK, this isn't exactly scientific, but it certainly is interesting. I'm one of the leaders of Democracy for Wisconsin, and we just conducted two straw polls on potential '08 Democratic Presidential candidates. One poll was taken at our last monthly meeting in Madison, and the other was an online poll for members of our Yahoo discussion group. Here are the results:

Tom Vilsack1123.7%
Bill Richardson0000%
Barack Obama841222.2%
John Kerry0000%
Mike Gravel0000%
Al Gore9132240.7%
John Edwards671324.1%
Christopher Dodd0000%
Hillary Clinton0000%
Wesley Clark0111.9%
Joe Biden0223.7%
Evan Bayh1011.9%
Write In (Barbara Boxer)1011.9%

I suspected that Gore would do well in our poll based on a very surprising (to me anyway) DailyKos straw poll from a couple of weeks ago where Gore just completely blew away the competition. When Gore wasn't included there was essentially a three way tie between Obama, Edwards, and Clark. (You may have to vote in the DailyKos polls to see the results). Clark did poorly in our poll, but Obama and Edwards were pretty close.

Democracy for Wisconsin grew out of the volunteer base of Howard Dean's presidential run, so that will give you an idea of our general political leanings, although the group has broadened considerably since '04. We're pretty representative of the progressive left, and our Yahoo group has members from all over the state, although Madison is overrepresented as you would expect.


Anonymous said...

Having been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1972, I am not suprised that Gore blows away the competition, even though he is not an announced candidate. Almost all of the progressive activists that I know have expressed an opinion that he can win in 2008, while Hillary probably can't.

proletariat said...

Gore? Progressive? I don't think so. No wonder Dean never made it out of Iowa.

Crawford's Take said...

Who the h*ll is Mike Gravel??? Never hear of him.

No idea who I want yet, so didn't vote, but keepig a close eye and am pretty impressed with both Gore and Obama (would make a nice ticket???). Nice to see you out here Russell! Welcome to the blogosphere.