Monday, January 29, 2007

Air America Bought Out - Al Franken Retiring (to Run for US Senate!)

The Huffington Post is reporting that Air America had been purchased by NY real estate developer Stephen L. Green, and that Al Franken is retiring from radio to explore a run for Senate from Minnesota. Thom Hartmann will take over from Franken. From what I can tell this is all pretty good, and I hope that it will encourage Clear Channel, which owns the Air America affiliate here in Madison, to put some effort into building up the station by getting local programs back on the air, specifically Lee Rayburn on weekday mornings.

The Huffington Post is pretty high profile and it attracts a huge number of trolls, making the comments on their stories often more entertaining than the stories themselves. Nothing gets the trolls more fired up than the trials and tribulations of Air America, so if you read the story be sure to check out a few of the comments as well.

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