Thursday, March 22, 2007

Joe Wineke and John Gard Sitting In A Tree...

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows, but here's an unusually odd pair: Joe Wineke and Jeff Schoenfeldt. Joe wrote a letter, published in today's issue of the Fitchburg Star, endorsing Jeff for Fitchburg city council.

Only thing is, Joe is the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and Jeff just happens to have been a longtime aide to none other than Republican John Gard!

Since Joe would never endorse a Republican, much less one who spent years carrying water for John Gard and friends, I'm sure that Jeff must have very recently undergone a miraculous conversion into a true-blue, card-carrying Democrat. Right?

Or maybe it has something to do with AT&T. You see, Jeff is a lobbyist for AT&T, and it looks like Joe has also fed at the AT&T trough. A little birdie told me that a high AT&T muckety-muck personally asked Joe to get involved in the Fitchburg race, so as a favor Joe obliged.

AT&T is working really hard right now to make, or buy, as many political friends as possible in order to persuade the legislature to pass, and Doyle to sign, the "Screw Everyone in Wisconsin Act", although they prefer to call it the Montgomery-Plale Cable Video bill.

This astonishing piece of legislation takes so much from Wisconsin consumers and taxpayers, and gives so much to AT&T, that it wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell if not for all of AT&T's newfound friends in high places. Friends who are willing to sell out the people they represent in order to cash in on the AT&T gravy train. I certainly hope Joe isn't in that group, but it's really up to him to show where he stands.

It's bizarre that Joe didn't think anybody would notice the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin endorsing a John Gard Republican, and realize that it might make some Democrats just a little bit upset. But hey, it's a nonpartisan race, so maybe Joe figured that makes it all OK.

The other candidate in the Fitchburg race is a Libertarian named Jay Allen. From what I can tell, Allen, though far from perfect, would be preferable to Schoenfeldt from the point of view of most Democrats, something Joe really should have looked into before he publicly inserted his foot into his mouth.


Jay Allen said...

I must tell you that I was astonished to find out about this a few days ago, but hey, Joe, from Verona, can insert himself in a Fitchburg race if he wants. You can check my record. Yes, I gave money to Ed Thompson when he ran for governor, but in the last campaign, I endorsed Carlo Esqueda, and I contributed to Kathleen Falk's campaign.

If you were to visit my website:
you will see that I have support from a pretty broad base, but it does include Richard Brown and Sondy Pope-Roberts. Ada Deer has been a supporter in the past. I do not have her listed now simply because I have been unable to contact her yet.

I do not know why Joe has done this, but rumors I have heard indicate that he heard me say something on some talk radio program that he did not like. Odd that he had not called me about it, but such is the state of corporate politics.

... said...

That is a strange endorsement for Wineke to make.

Speaking of endorsements, how do you feel about the people who were recommended for endorsement by the Dane Dem Exec committee but it was voted down by the membership listing the Dane Dem Exec committee as an endorser?

Like here:

Northwoods said...

Interesting point. I wonder if it's not correct to say that the Dane Dems Executive Board voted to recommend an endorsement of Theil, but the membership rejected that endorsement.

If that is the case, it is incorrect of Theil to claim the endorsement. Splitting hairs perhaps, but I think it is shitty when people use the prestige of the Democratic Party for their own gain. It's not theirs to use unless the members confer it upon them. Remember, it's the "Democratic" party. To many people in positions of power (like Joe Wineke) don't seem to understand that.

Outraged! said...

I'm stunned that people aren't outraged by the corporate cronyism of this story! The head of the Wisconsin Democratic Party sold out to a major corporation and you all are quibbling over endorsements?!!

I sometimes why I care. The world seems either doomed to endemic corruption or apathy. I can't tell which.

Son of a Fitch said...

Jay: I don't think people really care if you gave money to Ed Thompson. I think they're more interested in your support of Mike Hanson, John Sharpless, Dave Magnum and Ron Greer. Yes folks, THAT Ron Greer. Maybe the reason Wineke is supporting your opponent is because of your support for right wing nuts.

Son of a Fitch said...

And while were at it, I contacted Sondy Pope-Roberts' office regarding her endorsement. Turns out she hasn't endorsed you. But hey, why let the facts get in the way?

Jay Allen said...

Well, perhaps you should try contacting Sondy. I talke with her on March 4, and she happily endorsed me. Her number is in the phone book.

Jay Allen said...

And, while I am at it, I should also point out that I supported Brian Casey, Steve Arnold, Sondy, Russ Feingold, and msny other democrats from in my area. It is true that I am not a party loyalist. And if that is the test for a Wineke endorsement, so be it. It is interesting however, that he DID endorse a party loyalist...just one from the other side.

But hey, my decisions are not based on corporate politics.

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