Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Geopolitical History of the Worlds Major Religions - In 90 Seconds!

I'm not very good at memorization. That's one reason why I like to use graphs to put historical and political data into visual form. Here's a rather extreme but superb example of visual history from a website called Maps-of-War. I can't vouch for its accuracy, and it's rather simplified (although I guess that's what you'd expect when you cram 3000 years of history into 90 seconds), but it does seem to agree with what little I know of world religions. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Russell Wallace is a coward. You're a chicken Wallace. I *dare* you.

Also, old man, your posts suck. You don't really add much to the public sphere. You just keep forwarding on obscure links and well-versed national liberal viewpoints.

Reform-Dem? Puh-lease. More like, generic bullshit-Dem.

Northwoods said...

I like visiting this blog from time to time, but the one thing I wish would change is these childish anonymous posts.

Dear "Anonymous", don't you have anything better to do than insult people? For your own sake, consider the old adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it."

Anonymous said...

northwoods ... go hump a goat

Russell Wallace said...

This is a little weird, but the reason I haven't banned my anonymous troll is because I know his actual identity and he unintentionally provides me with useful information from time to time. He doesn't seem to understand that what he writes here is recorded for posterity.

Helena Handbag said...

Your anonymous troll is a doofus but I have to admit he's (inadvertently) a funny one.

Hard to discuss much with a monkey flinging his poo all over your comments. Can you imagine how much fun this brainiac must be in a public meeting? Keep a lid on your coffee or his doodoo will land in your cup.

Speaking of crap, how about that FISA law renewal?

Peter said...

Russell the map and the map site are interesting and useful. As is this site, and your work.

I wish I had known about your efforts before the last county meeting, as I would surely have stood in your corner.

It's exciting to hear someone talk about actually taking back our party. I've had it with business as usual, and I will not hide in a Nader or Green corner, either. We need to do in Wisconsin what the evangelicals did in Kansas with the republican party there ... take it over, county by county.

ANTARA said...

Russell's work is based on purely statistical and historical facts . It may not be very accurate, but a good effort to map the historical timelines.It would be better if other smaller religions present in different parts of the worlds like tribals's animists could be shown;unless the author wants to avoid too much detail.Also every relegion went thru reformations. If that could be detailed with timelines, it can be helpful for reference.