Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stop FISA Telecom Immunity: Call Obama

The single most important thing you can do to stop telecom immunity is to call Obama's national campaign office and tell him how you feel:


Obama's position is that while he opposes telecom immunity, he'll vote for the bill anyway. This is unacceptable. Call him:


I spoke to the campaign folks earlier today, and they're getting lots of calls about FISA. They need lots more:


Obama is the key. He's the nominal leader of the Democratic Party, and if he comes out strongly against telecom immunity the rest of the Democrats will fall into line. Do your part. Call Obama's campaign office and give them hell! (Politely, of course)


Call now, or I'll have to repeat that number again!


Anonymous said...

And you wonder why I won't vote for the guy. You made your bed, now lie in it.

warmmidwest said...

Here's a list of the Democrats that flipped their vote on immunity. It would be better, perhaps, to contact your representative if you do not support immunity of the telcos illegally spying on Americans.

Russell Wallace said...

Actually, Proletariat, you will be voting for Obama AND bringing the beer to the victory party...

You want a perfect candidate. So do I. We're never going to get one, or at least not one that stands any chance of winning. Your answer to this reality is to bitch and moan. Mine is to work to improve the major party that's closest to my ideology. Different strokes for different folks.