Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just When You Think Conservative Talkers Can't Get Any Worse...

...Michael Savage lowers the bar (again).

It's a new world's record! Listen to Savage mock and insult blacks, crippled kids, and women, all in less than two minutes of completely fact-free ranting!

(Download mp3 here)

And his audience loves it! Of course, they're too dumb to know that blacks die from asthma at a rate two-and-a-half times higher than whites. Or that the risk of autism is more than 90% genetically determined (sorry, paid link). Or even that being a women doesn't mean being a weak crybaby. If you don't believe me I'll send my little sister over to kick your butt.

And she can!

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And that's the way it is said...

I really like the comment from Savage about asthma. I recently saw a video taken by someone at a Young Republican convention in Washington, DC (Young Americans for Freedom?).

The reporter asked these chickenhawks why they weren't fighting over in Iraq: most common answer: I have asthma or "medical reason."

Apparently if one can get a doctor to proclaim an affliction with asthma, they're home free!

A lot of otherwise able-bodied young conservatives seem to have asthma.

I found the video!


Enjoy and keep up the good work!