Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drudge Trashes Madison (Again)

Matt Drudge, the closeted gay conservative proprietor of The Drudge Report, has taken another of his periodic shots at Madison. Drudge posted a link to a story titled "City of Madison, Wis. Eyes Draconian Zoning Ordinances to 'Adapt to Climate Change'", from The Business & Media Institute.

The story says that Madison is doing absolutely terrible things, such as considering zoning rules that would...
"...adapt to meet the demands of climate change; use zoning to address or mitigate effects, or adapt to climate change; remove any barriers to mitigating the effects, adapting to climate change (trees, green space, mobility, renewable energy, land use)."
And that we're...
"...dramatically limit(ing) free enterprise and personal liberty, all in the name of environmental sustainability."
How awful! No doubt all these loony liberal policies have destroyed Madison property values and driven unemployment to French-like heights!

What's that? Madison property values have held up far better than the country as a whole? And Forbes just rated Madison as the best place in the whole darn US of A to find a job?

It's enough to make a conservative's head explode!

Or not. You see, facts are for liberals. Conservatives simply "create their own reality." Which is something they've had plenty of practice doing over the last eight years.


Anonymous said...

'the closeted gay conservative proprietor'

Remove the gay remark. Totally unnecessary to the argument and potentially homophobic. How would we like, "Mike Verveer, gay, District Attorney" in the news?

Kevin said...

Drudge Gay?

Wow, you clearly didn't know he was dating Ann Coulter for a few years.

I'm going to enjoy slapping you around when I'm back blogging.


Russell Wallace said...

Anon, if you want to support Drudge, and all the other closeted gay conservatives who sacrifice the rights of LGBTs and other oppressed minorities at the alter of their ideology and personal ambition, go right ahead.

But I won't.

Drudge succeeds, at least in part, because he's been fairly successful in hiding his sexual orientation from his largely conservative and homophobic audience. If Drudge wasn't enabling hatred of gays I wouldn't have mentioned his orientation. But he is, so I did.

Russell Wallace said...

Kevin, to quote Drudge himself:

"I go to straight bars, I go to gay bars. She [the author of an article about Drudge's sexuality] never said there was sex; she said there was dating. She never had enough to go that far."

Let's see, so Drudge admits that he dates guys, he just says nobody can prove he actually has sex with them...

Well, Kevin, perhaps you were just trying to imply that Drudge is bi, not gay. If so, I admit the possibility, and yield to your obviously superior knowledge and intellect.

And I'm really looking forward to your return to blogging. Feel free to slap me around again any time you want!

Chuckie said...

kevin, you act like ann coulter isn't a man. lol. i bet she has a bigger adam's apple than you do.

Anonymous said...

Did Madison change it's name to Bismarck and Wisconsin to North Dakota? Madison is 23rd or so. That's great, don't get me wrong. You should just get your facts straight.

Russell Wallace said...

For Kevin, who has started blogging again at but hasn't exactly been slapping me around much, here's the latest and greatest on Drudge's sexuality: