Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dog-whistle Homophobia from GOP Lt. Governor Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch

Tea Party events seem to bring out the worst in some people, and GOP Lt. Governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch is no exception. She used yesterday's Tea Party Express stop in Madison as an opportunity to serve up a little dog-whistle homophobia to a receptive crowd. Many folks probably missed her double entendre, but the social conservatives in the audience certainly didn't. Using sex education as an example of unwarranted government involvement in personal matters, Kleefisch said that she wanted her children to learn about the birds and the bees from her, not from "Jim Doyle and Mark Pocan."

Kleefisch will undoubtedly claim that she's simply using Mark Pocan as an example of a big bad Madison liberal, and that Pocan's sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with it. But given Kleefisch's background, and her knowledge of Wisconsin politics, she knew exactly how the social conservatives in the audience would interpret her words: Democrats have put gays in charge of sex ed so that they can corrupt your children. Be afraid, be very afraid.

UPDATE: I've uploaded an MP3 file of Kleefisch at the 3/6/10 Tea Party Express event. The comments I referred to above occur about three minutes into her speech. It's worth listening just to hear hear how well Kleefisch imitates Sarah Palin. Quite deliberate no doubt, and the teabaggers love it!


Northwoods said...

Eeek! This lady is creepy.

krshorewood said...

She posts regularly on Facebook and I invite all liberals to respond to the simple-mindedness of this Palin Parrot.

Dave said...

What's actually creepy is taking a mother's choice for how she wants her children educated, and turning it into Op-Ed piece. Isn't it quite possible she makes a valid point? Isn't sexuality something of a personal choice? If so, then it is equally offensive to her that her children are exposed to liberal teachings on sex in public schools. The same schools that don't allow teaching of things that she would support. Its a bit hypocritical don't you think? Oh that's right. You would rather NOT think... that's what the government is there to do for you. Hows that whole hopey-changey thingy working out for you so far?

Anonymous said...

So why won't she debate her opponent, or even hold an interview where she could be questioned by reporters to explain her views on important issues? Is she afraid of the toughie questions, like "what newspapers do you read?"