Saturday, October 14, 2006

Independent Expenditures In the 8th CD

This is a dedicated post for independent expenditures in the 8th CD race between Steve Kagen and John Gard. There's a bit of analysis you might find interesting in an older post I did on this race, although the numbers in that post are out of date.

Last updated 11/2/06. With well over two million dollars of independent expenditures in this race it's no longer practical for me to list them individually, so I'm now only posting totals for each group.


Independent expenditures in favor of Steve Kagen:

$1,101,990 DCCC
$195,601 AFSME
$54,512 SEIU
$1,352,103 TOTAL

Independent expenditures in favor of John Gard:

$1,078,003 NRCC
$69,000 Republican Party of WI
$40,654 National Right to Life PAC
$11,540 Trust in Small Business PAC
$6,024 Club for Growth
$1,205,221 TOTAL

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